Three books to read!

Spring break is over, and boy, did I enjoy reading 3 books!

51qo9POttyL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_The first one was “Originals” by Adam Grant. My favorite part of that book is Grant’s following paragraph: “When we use the logic of appropriateness, like originals, we ask: “What does a person like me do in a situation like this?”. Rather than looking outward in an attempt to predict the outcome, we turn inward to our identity. You base the decision on who you are-or who you want to be. You can read my review of this book here:


A_wrinkle_in_time_digest_2007Then, while traveling, I read “A wrinkle” in time by Madeleine l’Engle. This great (children’s) book was actually recommended by Adam Grant! The story is about a girl and her brother who looking for their father who has disappeared. They are being guided and helped by 3 guardian angels as they are “tessering” to different worlds. For me “tessering” is very similar to Soul Travel! I enjoyed very much reading this tale…


The third book I (re)read was “Inner guidance” by Anne Archer Butcher. Again I laughed so hard (a shed a tear) reading these wonderful stories about a woman who follows her inner guidance to survive physically and spiritually. My favorite quote was: “Miracles I can do in a minute. The impossible takes about three days”.With all these self-help books around to create a better life, to realize your (financial) goals, to find out your true self,….I would suggest to read this book as well so you can grow in alignment with God’s plan and learn to be guided along the way.41v8fmMCjLL._SX315_BO1,204,203,200_

All books are downloadable at your favorite bookstore. I have an extra hard copy of “inner Guidance”. For those around the Rotterdam area, you’re welcome to borrow it!

What books have you read lately and which one would you recommend to me?

12 travelhacks to save money on your holidays


(with contributions from Sandeep Amar)

Recently, I was looking for a good deal for an upcoming trip to Portugal. After some digging, I found cheap flights and a car. Here are 12 existing and new astounding hacks on getting a great deal:

  1. Book on Tuesdays: Nobody does. That’s why prices are lower. Check it for yourself;
  2. Clean the cookies of your browser often (preferably after each search). If an airline knows that you want to go to a certain destination at a certain time, they will NOT show you a better deal;
  3. Book two separate flights with different airlines for your return ticket.
  4. Book with the airline website. Other sites who sell tickets may have lower fares but add a large commission;
  5. Pay directly via Debit card or by transferring the funds (type iDEAL). Creditcard charges from airlines or travel websites are absurd. The tip is to have a travel fund ready at all times…;
  6. Book to or from nearby airports other than your travel origin or destination;
  7. Always ask for a free upgrade at check in, with a smile;
  8. If you’re not desperate to travel the day you’re booked for, ask if the flight is oversoldairport-1105980_1920 when you get to the airport, (they always oversell seats on a flight). If it is, offer that you would be happy to fly on a later flight depending on the compensation levels. Compensation can sometimes be a voucher up to the amount you’ve paid for your ticket;
  9. What really blew my mind was this NEWEST hack. I booked a rental car and found out it had a limited mileage of 60 km a day. Not really an option for me. I cancelled the booking and the site offered me a better deal without me having to cancel the reservation. That’s what I call a smart algorithm!
  10. When renting a car: the insurance you can opt for your car (liability/ CDW). You can buy this with the reservation or at the airport at an extra charge. Did you know that there are independent insurers who offer this insurance? Just saved 10% on the policy!
  11. The BEST HACKs ever: I heard it from a friend a while back. KLMs’ fares from AMS to the US are way more expensive that if you would fly from any airport in Europe via AMS to the US. What you can do is buy a round trip from, for example, Brussels via AMS to your favorite destination in the US. The trick is that you have to check in at Brussels Airport and travel with carry on only. On your way back you can get off in AMS.
  12. If this is not an option you can include a hotel to your trip on KLMs’ website. The flight then is cheaper and you’ve got a hotel included. This is really incredible!

It takes a bit more time to work with these hacks, but I saved more than E 500,- on my next trip!

What are your hacks to save money when making reservations?